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  Meet the Team 


Dr Jane Rickard

Owner / Veterinary Director

Dr Jane, better known as 'Aunty Jane', is the founder and owner of Hills District Veterinary Hospital. She has a strong interest in orthopedic surgery, sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy and chiropractic services. In her free time she is heavily involved in dressage and also loves to ski when on holidays. She lives with her husband, her two sons who come and go,  her horse (Lorenzo), Labrador (Louie), cat (Patrick) and an assortment of chickens.  


Dr Cassandra O'Callaghan

Senior Veterinarian

Dr Cassie has been with us for almost a decade, after working at a practice in the Upper Hunter. She enjoys consulting and has completed post-graduate study in Feline Medicine and Anaesthesia through the University of Sydney. She is also certified as a Low Stress Handler™. In her spare time she enjoys pampering her ragdoll Luna, scuba diving and serving with Marine Rescue NSW.  


Dr Zoe Allison


Dr Zoe started her veterinary journey by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Zoology before achieving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Her passion lies in practicing medicine and providing exceptional care for animals. Beyond her professional life, she loves to spend time with her ginger cat, Cheezel, in the outdoors or catching up with friends and family.


Amanda Trovato

Head Veterinary Nurse

Amanda is a certified Veterinary Nurse and completed her studies here at the clinic.  She has worked as a nurse at the RSPCA before coming back here full time. She has a passion for animal care and welfare and a keen interest in diet, nutrition and natural medicine. Her favourite animal of all time is her dog Arnie who she loves dearly but is a full time pain in the backside (just kidding.. kind of).


Hayley Newman

Veterinary Nurse

Hayley has her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and loves all animals; but her favourite would have to be dogs. Hayley loves to help others around her and is always willing to learn and pick up new skills to expand her knowledge about animal care.


Eeman Faisal

Junior Veterinary Nurse

Eeman is currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing after completing her Cert II with us. She loves all animals but definitely has a soft spot for cats. At home she has Evie, a rescue cat, and Simba, a Labrador. In her spare time, Eeman enjoys travelling as well as trying to teach her cat tricks.


Olivia Gillett

Casual Veterinary Nurse

Olivia is currently a full-time theatre nurse at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital. She has a cat called Danni who is a sassy-pants. She spends her free time cleaning up after her cat, who loves bringing in leaves and bugs as gestures of her love. Olivia is a very friendly and compassionate person who will always greet you with a smile and makes sure your pet gets lots of love and attention whilst staying with us.


Hannah Mowen

Animal Attendant

Hannah works part-time at our hospital as an animal attendant. She has no pets at home (yet!) but enjoys feeding cockatoos and other wild birds on her balcony. In her spare time she enjoys studying wildlife, horse-riding, drawing, taekwondo and wildlife photography. A fun fact about Hannah is that she is a published children's book author.  She is also a huge Disney fan and considers herself and expert in Zoology!


Dorothy ('Dotty')

Clinic Cat / Self-Appointed Boss

Found behind the shops in Oakville at the end of 2014, Dorothy/Dotty came to us at just a few weeks old. ​She was underweight, covered in fleas, riddled with worms and full of cat influenza!

She lived in our hospital recovering for two months until she was well enough to be moved into the waiting room to look for a furever home.

Another month went by, she was desexed, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. Dotty was the hit of the hospital, but still no home.


It took another few months before we understood why such a gorgeous girl hadn’t found a new family… we were all too in love with her! We suspect everyone but us knew that she would become a permanent resident!


As of today, she is clearly the boss of the clinic. Super sweet and a big hit with all of our clients and patients – canine and feline alike – Dotty is definitely one of the highlights of our hospital.


She’s now has her very own room upstairs with a big couch, scratching posts galore, a sun hammock, drinking fountain and piles of toys! Everything a kitty could need.


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