Grooming with Megan

Grooming is done by appointment with our lovely groomer Megan. Drop-off is between 8:30am and 9:30am. We try our best to accommodate specific needs such as late drop-off and/or early pick-up but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases.


Megan grooms and work with all breeds. Their priority is making sure your dog feels comfortable and calm during the grooming process. Based on their extensive experience they also know which cuts will make your dog look its best. Each groom includes a bath, brush and blow dry so your dog will go home smelling good too!

You can see some of Megan's work on her Instagram page -


Level 1 Clip & Bath (<10kg): $70

Level 2 Clip & Bath (<15kg): $75

Level 3 Clip & Bath (<20kg): $85

Level 4 Clip & Bath (<30kg): $95 (depending on coat, etc)

Level 5 Clip & Bath (Giant breed): $125

Level 1 Bath (<10kg): $30

Level 2 Bath (<15kg): $45

Level 3 Bath (<20kg): $60

Level 4 Bath (<30kg): $80

Level 5 Bath (30kg+): $120

Small Dog Hygiene Clip & Bath: $45

*a $30 fee for extensive mats may be charged as removing mats without hurting your dog is a very time-consuming and painstaking process.

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