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  Health Checks 

Hills District Vet
Hills District Vet

Regular Checkups

Regular health checks are a vital part of keeping your pet happy and healthy - just like humans! A lot of conditions can be prevented if caught and treated early. Animals are also very good at hiding illness and pain so it can be hard to detect issues at home. We recommend at least a once yearly health check (free with vaccination) for asymptomatic animals. However if your pet is sick, or just doesn't seem like it's usual self, please book an appointment as soon as possible.

Senior Pets

Your pet is considered a 'senior citizen' from approximately 7-9 years old in dogs and 11-14 years old in cats. The variation comes from difference in size and breed. From this time your pet may start to slow down and develop symptoms of age-related disease. Because of this it is a good idea to get a snapshot of your pet's health so it can be used as a benchmark for the future and also so any potential developing issues can be treated promptly. If you think your pet could benefit from a senior wellness exam please don't hesitate to contact us. The exam will generally consist of a consult and blood test so please allow 30 minutes. Our clinic is fully equipped with in-house pathology so the blood results  are generally available within 15 minutes - meaning there is no need to come back at a later date.

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